Children’s Mental Health week 6-12th February, 2023

The theme for 2023 is “Let’s connect” and is about making meaningful connections.

Meaningful connections start within the family, a good place to start is the connection between parent and child.

Make this week the time when you commit to building a more positive and meaningful  relationship with your child.  This can be achieved by some of the following:

  • Choose a behaviour you want to see more of by encouragement, recognition, acknowledgement and praise.
  • Spend time with your child.  Spending small amounts of quality time with your child, often throughout the day, as little as 2  or 3 minutes will be more meaningful than large amounts of time once a day.
  • Talk with your child. Think of topics to talk about that are connected to your child and are of interest to them.
  • Plan an activity that you can share during the this week.  As the evenings are getting lighter, it could be a trip to the park, a bike ride along the promenade or a session on the fitness equipment on the beach.
  • Show affection. Think of various ways you can show affection.  It might be a message in a lunch box, a post-it on their bedroom door or by making their favourite meal.
  • Give your child attention.  Suggest you do a jigsaw puzzle together, play a board game or make something.

Both you and your child or children will benefit from the investment you make this week.  And when this week is over, plan to do it again, make a habit of sharing what you have enjoyed this week.

If you want more guidance on any of the above, please contact us via the contact page.


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