Kindness and Gratitude

Being kind to ourselves and others is often difficult in the current pandemic climate.  Here at Turquoise, we want to make a small contribution towards building compassion and caring for each other.  We intend to update this section on a regular basis and so to get things started, here are a few suggestions:

Do less – enjoy more!  (particularly parents juggling home schooling with work and other commitments)

Remember you are not alone, reach out – in supporting others, you will benefit yourself.

Be kind to yourself – increase your self-compassion rating.

Being grateful draws on the best of the human spirit, it renews and refreshes – best of all, it’s contagious!

A season of loneliness and isolotation is when the caterpillar gets its wings.  Remember that next time you feel alone.


Liz Clough

Liz Clough

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